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Read children stories and fairy tales to your child at bedtime and online

Reading your children stories is such a great way to spend quality time with them. You can read a story before bedtime, or during a holiday, or while you are just sitting outside. Whatever the time or place, it's always great to read to your child.

Children's stories have been around for centuries. People in the past would read and write books specifically for their child to teach and scholar their children. Children's stories help children with their vocabulary, phonics, comprehension, and help build their reading skills. These skills will help your child excel in school.

All books written specifically for children would be considered a children's story, and make great stocking fillers for kids. Children's books are specifically for children up to the age of twelve. Most of these books are illustrated, but as the reader gets older, the illustrations are less and less.

There are several types of children's books. The main categories are picture books, fairy tales and folktales, traditional literature, fiction, non-fiction, biographies, and poetry. Every child is different, one child may prefer true stories over fairy tales, while another child might like picture books instead of poetry. No matter what their likes and dislikes, there are so many greats books to choose from. Find unique personalised baby gifts at Silver Groves.

Children's books categories also go by age too. Picture books are perfect for pre-readers, usually the age of 0-5. Early reader books are for children building their reading skills, ages 5-7. Chapter books are great for children ages 7-11. There are short chapter books and longer chapter books. Lastly, young-adult fiction books. These books are mainly for teenagers. Whatever a child's reading level, there are millions of books to spark their interests.

There are several great authors of children's stories. One of the most popular is Dr. Suess. He wrote books such as "Cat in the Hat", "Green Eggs and Ham", and "Horton Hears a Who". Dr. Suess' wonderful illustrations and stories captured the hearts of many children. He has been popular for years and is still a top favorite today. These are the types of books you want your children reading at daycare.

Some of the top selling children's stories are Golden Books, Magic Tree House, Junie B First Grader, Disney, Sesame Street, Berenstain Bears, and many more. They all make great gifts. Each book and author are unique in their own way. Each child will have their favorites and remember them for years to come.

So take the time each day to read to your child. Help them develop a love of reading that will last for years when they get to school. Start searching for all of the great children's books out there. With the millions of children's stories available, you will surely find several your child will enjoy. So start today, start reading stories with your child and give him or her something to love and cherish everyday. A great website for children's stories which help contribute to their higher education in school.

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Children Stories

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